Ideal restriction of populations

Friday, March 07th, 2008 | Author:

A substantial problem with populations is their resource requirement. Having several populations in a scene often requires hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes of memory.

Before Vista was released in 2007, the typical PC had been equipped with relatively little memory. But you don’t get very far with 512MB. Furthermore, the population process can take quite some time.
So, what do populations have to be like if you want them to be generated fast and economically? more…

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Rotating Terrains using Functions

Friday, March 07th, 2008 | Author:

A while ago, someone asked me how to rotate heightfields. Not even every terrain editor offers an option to rotate a heightfield 90°, which could be easily implemented. TG2 doesn’t provide this functionality either, let alone rotation by an arbitrary angle. Only 180° rotation is possible – by setting both Flip options.

Using the following method, you will be able to rotate heightfields by an angle in the range (-90°, 90°). That is excluding -90° and 90°. Rotations by 90° and multiples should be performed in an external editor. more…

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Creating Dry Mud Surfaces Using Voronoi

Friday, March 07th, 2008 | Author:

Among the functions of TG2 we can find the function called “Voronoi”. If you’re well schooled in World Machine, you know that it can sometimes be a helpful one. The following is one possibility to use the Voronoi function to create dry, cracked ground. more…

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