Strata via Imagemap Shader

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Strata are layers of rock as you know them from the Grand Canyon or other rock faces. We can, again, easily simulate these coloured layers in TG2.
strata.png We need a strata sample for this method; that’s, basically, a striped image like in the example on the right and is easily generated with the little programme Stratagen.

The integration into TG2 is very simple. In the Shader tab we add an Image Map Shader via Add Layer > Surface Shader.

Now it only has to be adjusted in a reasonable way. We take Side Z (edges = XY) as Projection Type, projecting the Strata onto the terrain laterally. As the strata image is only very small, it needs repetition upwards and downwards in order to cover the entire terrain. We thus activate the options Repeat x and Repeat y in the tab Flip, Repeat.
The terrain is probably coloured now but there are no clear stripes. To increase the height of the stripes we can raise the second Size value in the tab Projection, Location, to 100 or 1000 – as high as you deem necessary.


That’s it!


The disadvantage of this method: if you move too far from the origin, the strata isn’t level anymore because it’s projected onto the Surface on the basis of the axes of the coordinate system (which do not adapt to the curvature of the earth).

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