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By now, several images have been released showing off TG2s new transparency feature. Here’s a collection of the imagery shown so far in chronological order.

Official renders from Matt, using a file from Luc Bianc,o from about three weeks ago:

indexphp.jpg indexphp2.jpg
Copyright Matt Fairclough and Luc Bianco

Here are two simple tests showing a water plane with basic transparency. These are based on a scene that Luc Bianco sent me to test with. The water isn’t anything special, but it does show that transparency is working and that the rays are being refracted by the water. I know the water’s edge is a little too sharp to look natural, but that can be improved with a little work with the shaders.

Source: Matt at the Planetside-forums

indexphp3.jpgAnother example of light absorption (also known as “Beer’s law”). This is similar to “transparency colour” in Terragen v0.9:


New! Volumetric shading of the participating medium. In v0.9 you could control the subsurface diffuse colour, but the lighting was only calculated at the surface of the water which would give an unnatural hard shadow and exaggerated shading on rough water. Now there is an option to sample the lighting at multiple points along the ray to give volumetric shadows under the water, although they are quite subtle in this example render.

Last week, the alpha testers published some of their own works.

One from FrankB can be seen in the Planetside-forum (You have to be logged in to see the image) and Luc Bianco published another one on his website.

Yet, there still have been no comments or announcements by Planetside, let alone announcing a release date and it’s getting harder to find a reason why the current build, with an apparently stable engine, isn’t being released to the pre-purchasers.

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