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Group: Capture Nodes is a relatively unknown function, but it would come in handy for a lot of users.

Here’s a problem: you have built a complex surface with a lot of nodes, and now you want to move it around a bit in the network, so you have more space for other groups or new nodes. That’s not so easy. If you try to move the group, a lot of nodes just stay where they are.


The reason: when selecting the group (click on titlebar), not all contained nodes are marked. Only the nodes that are marked when the group is clicked are actually in the group.

Here comes Group: Capture Nodes into play. By right-clicking on the titlebar a small menu will appear. There you can select this function, among others. If you do that, all nodes that are visually in range of the group will be captured in it.


grca-cap.png If you select the group now, all contained nodes will automaticaly be selected along with it – and so no nodes will be left behind when moving the group. However, this must be repeated if new nodes are added.

Other functions of the menu:

  • Release Nodes – Detaches all nodes from the group
  • Delete “ Groupname – Deletes the group along with the captured nodes
  • Save Nodes as Clip File… - Saves the complete group as tgc
  • Settings – Opens the settings window for the group
  • Internal Network - Changes the view to the internal network of the group, but it’s completely empty though.
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