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World Machine 2, the successor of the popular terrain tool has been released this friday. If you want to try the new version yourself, you can get the free basic edition on the new website. Unlike in WM1, it includes all of the creative tools, even those that were restricted to the standard edition before. The catch is that the terrains from the basic edition are still limited to 512¬≥ in size and you can’t use them commercially.

Those drawbacks can be removed by buying the standard edition that costs $89 or $59 if you already own a WM1 standard edition.

The most remarkable new feature in WM2 is the Layout mode. It lets you draw curves and polygons which you can then feed into the new advanced perlin noise device which converts the rough outline into a landscape. There several new devices too like Coastal Erosion which creates a realistic shoreline or Snow simulating snowfall. Another new feature is RGB support which enables you to create not only terrains but colored textures and, in combination with some more new devices, whole surface or normal maps for your terrain

The release also includes a lot small but useful improvements. For example:

  • New output formats including mesh output (.obj)
  • Ability to render the 3D view in full resolution
  • The splitter device is now superfluous – you can connect any output to a number of different input ports.
  • Improved GUI

Some of the new features like multithreading, 64bit support, scripting and tiling are only available in the professional edition. The price for this version is $189 or $125 for an upgrade.

More information on almost all of the new features can be found at the website world-machine.com and in the Upgrade-Tour.

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