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Several months after the TG2TP release, I noticed something was happening in the forum and chat room I was living in visiting every once in a while. People would come in and ask questions that were really easy to answer, yet only about five people in the whole community knew the answer.

One day it happened again and I wondered if it’d make sense to create a blog dedicated to Terragen, that collected all those small bits of information that were floating around in the web and translated them if needed. It went online the same night and by the next day, I had already found my co-author.

It wasn’t all planned through and I had no idea if it would work out, so TGBlog grew organically over the next weeks. We promoted it and people actually liked it! Today, TGBlog mainly consists of news and how-to’s. The latter are quite detailed and a lot of work is done to ensure that what we write is comprehensible and correct.

The Team


That’s me – I’m the creator/editor/admin of TGBlog. I’m writing the news and most of the tutorials and maintain the blog itself. I’ll also translate some of the articles to English on occasion and keep an eye on what the rest of the team is doing.


Goms, a 22 years old student of history, archaeology and philology, works with Terragen since 2005.


Tumasch translates the blog for our English-speaking readers.

Otakar Otakar has been living in the United States for a bunch of years now, is an admitted Terragen addict and reviews the translations.

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